I am probably one of the biggest tech nerds you will ever meet (or not meet if you haven’t personally met me), and even with all the advances in gadgetry and computers, it still blows my mind at what we have sometimes. I was just reading an article about the advancement in technology over the last 100 or so years; did you know that in 1900 that less than 10% of Americans owned a stove? And that in 1975 less than 10% of families owned a microwave? With today’s rapid advancements, we forget to look back and see what we have created in such short time. I like to run, well am somewhat forced to run, and just read about how the current running shoe form of big soles weren’t even created until the 1970’s!

Doing internships in PR and being personally involved with social media, I find myself glued to my phone most of the day; if I am not updating my twitter or Facebook, I am sending a text message or Googling a subject. This not only makes me wonder how I ever survived without my iPhone, but how I lived without text messaging. While in class, professors always poke fun about how students today couldn’t live without their cell phones and constantly ask if any of them remember a time when they weren’t able to text. It really puts things into perspective that I can look back and remember when there wasn’t even texting while I was in high school. This, of course, makes the students think that I’m old; usually I just tell them to quit shouting and that I need to take my pills.

One thing that still puts things into perspective for me is playing games on my phone. Grand Theft Auto III came out on Playstation 2 back in 2003 and I was immediately sucked in. This game was played on my standard definition television with RCA cables; the definition was horrible by today’s standards, but looked amazing back then. Now, I can play it on my iPhone 4S in HD.

My point to all this is even when you’re sucked into something so deep that you begin to lose focus of the outside world, sometimes you take a step back and realize how far you’ve come. I have to constantly remind myself to do this with my life; it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and forget all it is that has been accomplished. To put it in photography terms, while working on an image it is easy to perfect an area, but when you pull back, the colors and everything else are all wrong.

Never lose sight of the big picture and remember to take a step back, take a breath and let the world in.


One thought on “Technology

  1. I have just written a similar post to yours and I do agree about the convenience that technology provides us. When is ever a time when things are just not doable without a phone, a laptop, or a printer? But yes, we do need to step back and put things in proper perspective. I find it rude when I’m having lunch with people who are constantly on their phones. Social media is fine. But let’s do step out and smell the flowers once in a while.

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