Social Media and Generations

I was talking with a colleague the other day about the differences in generations, and introduction into the world of social media. I am 29 years old, and in my lifetime I have seen the adaptation of home computers, video games enter the main stream, the invention of email and the internet, starting of text messaging and the integration of social networking. I believe that social networking is on par with the greatest advances in the past 30 years because of the way it has shaped how we communicate.

Being from the generation that didn’t start off computer mediated communication, I was able to go about my childhood spending a lot of time outdoors, and if I did spend time in front of a screen, it was playing split-screen Nintendo on a television. As much as I classify myself as a nerd, I still pride myself in my personal skills; speaking well in front of people has always been one of my strong points. As we get deeper and deeper into computer mediated communication, I notice that a lot of people are being more passive aggressive with their speaking tones, even waiting until they are away from someone to ask them something via social media or text. Are people becoming less personable and relying on text to get their message across without fear of face to face confrontation? From my experiences, I believe so.

Finding people from this generation is the best way to gear your social media team and we hold the best of both worlds: we are old enough to remember how to effectively communicate face to face, but young enough to see the implementation of social media and know how to use it. We are not too old to understand how the younger people think, and are not too young to know how life was before way things are today.


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