Apple’s New Ads

I am finally back after a month of rolling around in the woods, and have returned with some new toys; in trying to purchase an auxiliary cable, I also ended picking up a Canon 60D and Retina MacBook Pro. I have to say that I am very pleased with both of them; owning an Apple computer makes me wonder how Microsoft is still in business. Once you start using it, you realize how in-house software + hardware simply makes all the difference. Speaking of Apple and technology, the release of the new iPhone is less than six weeks away; there is a lot of discussion about this phone, even down to what the name is going to be. As always, my advertising nerd side will come out with the new set of ads coming out.

Has anyone else noticed the batch of horrible commercials they have released lately? When I noticed on their website they had four new ads, I was excited to see what they had released, but was sorely disappointed. These ads are no where close to being on par to Apple’s normal ads, they look more like a horribly made Four Hour Energy commercial. Being a new CEO, Tim Cook needs to be careful about the steps that he’s taking, not only in terms of his products, but in their ads as well. Apple has branded itself as a corporation that prides itself in everything that it does, going above and beyond regular advertising; this mixture of celebrity based ads, plus these Apple Genius commercials, are the complete opposite of that. They seem to be moving in a different direction than they were heading, and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I am a huge John Malkovich fan, but his commercial is not entertaining and makes Apple look as if they are trying to jump on the celebrity bandwagon. Apple itself IS a celebrity and doesn’t need other famous people to help promote their brand; it makes them look as if they are knocking themselves down to a lower brand that needs a celebrity endorsement. Let us not forget that at one time Apple had more money in the bank than the U.S. Government.

No one ever gets anywhere without taking risks, but Apple needs to look back at their history with advertisements, and make their new ones keep continuity with their corporate image; celebrities don’t promote for other celebrities, and Apple shouldn’t either.


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