Snow White and the Huntsman Spoof

What happens when you give a creative agency power to create? A full on themed play of a Snow White and the Huntsman spoof to be debuted at our Holiday Party, of course. Check out the invite we sent out to the company, showcasing the parts that people were selected for; buzz marketing is even possible within your own company! This was a video I edited – try to forgive the others on their focusing ability.┬á


Just another reason to love working with a San Diego creative communications agency ­čÖé


Movember Special

Another year, another Movember – here’s to raising awareness! As I get older I find that I love giving back more and more every year, and what better way to give back than by growing a dirty upper lip and raising money toward prostate cancer.

Here is our week one, day one picture:


Oh, and to follow up to my last post, I couldn’t go a week without a phone, I ended up just holding on to it until I bought the iPhone 5.

A Week Without a Phone!

Working in the multimedia industry requires a connected lifestyle – having a smartphone is a must, not having one isn’t even an option. Being connected through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, email and every other form of communication you can think of, needs be at your fingertips. Unfortunately, I also have another addiction; gadgetry.

With the release of the iPhone 5 a couple weeks ago, I decided to sell my iPhone 4S to – I hate the hassle of selling it on my own via Craigslist or eBay. Being that I upgraded last year, I am only available for the partial upgrade on October 8; the biggest downside is I have to send in my iPhone 4S by October 1, leaving me phoneless for an entire week. This presents a problem not just from an online connected stance, but also from a phone call and text messaging side as well.

Personally, I think it will be interesting to see if I can go a week living a non-connected lifestyle; will I spend more time outside? Without having a phone camera, will I shoot more with the DSLR? Will I be glued to my laptop or iPad more? It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

I will report back in two weeks on how my week of an unconnected lifestyle unfolds.

The Power of Public Relations for Small Business

How many times have you relayed on something you heard someone else say in a previous conversation, later only to hear that same person pass on what you just said? This is called the third-party effect, and is one of the largest tools of influence people can use.

Welcome to the world of public relations.

Using public relations benefits two-fold for small businesses: it is a cheaper means of promotion than advertising, and it has more justification for the end-user because of the third-party effect. I worked on a consulting job recently for a local small business owner with a small budget; he didn’t have money for a graphic designer and ad placement, so I recommended doing a bit of PR to get his name out. After only a few sent emails, he had a placement in a local newspaper. ┬áThis was about one quarter of the cost to him than if he would have bought ad space in that same paper.

Small businesses need to use public relations as a primary means of promotion when on a budget. Think of how often we are bombarded with advertisements daily; It takes a very well made advertisement to catch our attention anymore, and small businesses do not have the budget to compete with the larger competitors. Take Facebook for instance: you can buy ad space and get 100,000 impressions, but how many people actually pay attention to Facebook ads? I know I don’t, and neither do any of my friends – one of the most sought after age target markets.

I have worked in public relations for almost two years, and can surely say that it is the most cost effective means for getting out your message. PR is cheaper, more effective, and easier to catch the attention and make a lasting impression of your end-users. One of the largest differences for me as well is it is generally more fun; it sometimes involves events that can benefit a variety of things, including community or charity organizations. I once hosted an event that gave back to the American Lung Association, promoting clean air around San Diego. This event was great because not only did we get to do something fun and worthwhile for the community, but it also served as a promotion tool by landing media coverage, boosting our public image while getting free recognition.

PR is a great tool and a wonderful asset to any company; hire someone to do PR for your business for just 30 days, you will be surprised at how much publicity you will get for a fraction of the cost. Don’t even get me started guerrilla marketing, you might be here for days…

How To Make A Video Go Viral

THIS is effective integrated marketing, that went viral! Here is how this band created buzz around their product in just six steps:

  1. Create a catchy song.
  2. Create an app with the song and make it interactive and entertaining, where others can recreate the experience.
  3. Create a video that looks fan made.
  4. Link it all together with the video, song, and app, giving people the overall experience.
  5. Blast it across social media.
  6. Sit back and watch it go viral.

This is how you create integrated marketing that works, and reaches your target base. Enjoy.

I was so entertained by this that I even created my own video.

Apple’s New Ads

I am finally back after a month of rolling around in the woods, and have returned with some new toys; in trying to purchase an auxiliary cable, I also ended picking up a Canon 60D and Retina MacBook Pro. I have to say that I am very pleased with both of them; owning an Apple computer makes me wonder how Microsoft is still in business. Once you start using it, you realize how in-house software + hardware simply makes all the difference. Speaking of Apple and technology, the release of the new iPhone is less than six weeks away; there is a lot of discussion about this phone, even down to what the name is going to be. As always, my advertising nerd side will come out with the new set of ads coming out.

Has anyone else noticed the batch of horrible commercials they have released lately? When I noticed on their website they had four new ads, I was excited to see what they had released, but was sorely disappointed. These ads are no where close to being on par to Apple’s normal ads, they look more like a horribly made Four Hour Energy commercial. Being a new CEO, Tim Cook needs to be careful about the steps that he’s taking, not only in terms of his products, but in their ads as well. Apple has branded itself as a corporation that prides itself in everything that it does, going above and beyond regular advertising; this mixture of celebrity based ads, plus these Apple Genius commercials, are the complete opposite of that. They seem to be moving in a different direction than they were heading, and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I am a huge John Malkovich fan, but his commercial is not entertaining and makes Apple look as if they are trying to jump on the celebrity bandwagon. Apple itself IS a celebrity and doesn’t need other famous people to help promote their brand; it makes them look as if they are knocking themselves down to a lower brand that needs a celebrity endorsement. Let us not forget that at one time Apple had more money in the bank than the U.S. Government.

No one ever gets anywhere without taking risks, but Apple needs to look back at their history with advertisements, and make their new ones keep continuity with their corporate image; celebrities don’t promote for other celebrities, and Apple shouldn’t either.

What Creates an Effective Advertisement?

What creates an effective advertisement? This is a question that is asked over and over in my advertising classes. A liberal arts education is different in terms that we don’t just study advertising in practicum, but also in theory. When you break into the theory of advertising, you being to look at different aspects of an ad, to the point where it feels as if you’re in a hybrid communication/psychology/sociology course.

When studying the effectiveness of an advertisement, the professor will put it on the board and ask us to discuss it. I would say that 9 times out of 10, I have studied these specific advertisements multiple times and have read about them on several blogs. A few weeks ago, we studied the United Colors of Benetton death row inmates campaign. After a 20 minute class discussion, the professor asked if this ad was effective, I raised my hand and said yes, that if we just spent 20 minutes in a professional setting discussing this ad, then it was effective.

Advertisers should look at their ads beyond simply generating sales, they should incorporate the idea of public relations into their advertisements as well. I heard a few weeks back from an industry professional that through the years, public relations professionals and advertisers will merge closer and closer together. This is an effective strategy that the industry needs to take into account, the idea that advertisements themselves can generate buzz beyond traditional methods.

Guerilla marketing has been a huge fascination of mine, and would love to work at a firm that solely focused on it. This style of marketing “gets it” in terms of buzz marketing into advertisements. Advertisers need to look outside the scope of sales and numbers and look at their advertisements from a public relations point of view; this view could lead to a breakthrough and to the future of advertising.