The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up

I have always believed in the power of the mind in healing – being positive, laughing, and telling yourself that you can do something. I believe that if you tell yourself good things will happen, they will, and that if you convince yourself that you will get better, your body can overcome great things. This video proves that with positive thinking and determination, you can even beat out what doctors tell you is impossible – it is the amazing transformation of a guy who didn’t give up.


Drive and Passion

One thing that has always been on my mind is if greatness is achieved by what one does, or is it simply who you are. My time at the University of San Diego has been very fulfilling; I have gotten involved in every club, professional event and business related venture I could get my hands on. When I explain to people my involvements around campus, including an internship and time in the Navy Reserves, they like to say, “I’m sure the Navy had a great part in shaping who you are, making you a overly motivated person.” This has always lead me to wonder, was it the Navy or was I always this way?

My time in the Navy was an eye opener for me; I was able to see what I could and couldn’t handle. Was this enough to drive me to become a better person and take on more responsibilities than before? I don’t think so. While I was in high school, I was involved in just as many things as I am today, joining several leadership clubs geared toward helping underclassmen. When I first joined the Navy, I was stationed in Japan and had never really been out of the country; this was initially difficult for me because of my small town upbringing, and the fact that I had not traveled much outside a 30 mile radius. After the initial culture shock, I soon realized that there was even more of the world outside of Japan, and I wanted to see it. Was this curiosity sparked because I was ignorant, or because I was curious to seek out more?

I believe that at a certain age people decide to be curious about life, to find and create something better than what they have been dealt, or to remain stagnant. Is this something than can be taught? Possibly. Is it something that is learned through experience? I believe so. Every one shapes their experiences, and while some are born with a curious mind, others create it. As long as you maintain that curiosity and drive, others will see it, and it will be your own willingness to learn more that will make you a better person and make others question how it is that you are so driven.

Social Media and Generations

I was talking with a colleague the other day about the differences in generations, and introduction into the world of social media. I am 29 years old, and in my lifetime I have seen the adaptation of home computers, video games enter the main stream, the invention of email and the internet, starting of text messaging and the integration of social networking. I believe that social networking is on par with the greatest advances in the past 30 years because of the way it has shaped how we communicate.

Being from the generation that didn’t start off computer mediated communication, I was able to go about my childhood spending a lot of time outdoors, and if I did spend time in front of a screen, it was playing split-screen Nintendo on a television. As much as I classify myself as a nerd, I still pride myself in my personal skills; speaking well in front of people has always been one of my strong points. As we get deeper and deeper into computer mediated communication, I notice that a lot of people are being more passive aggressive with their speaking tones, even waiting until they are away from someone to ask them something via social media or text. Are people becoming less personable and relying on text to get their message across without fear of face to face confrontation? From my experiences, I believe so.

Finding people from this generation is the best way to gear your social media team and we hold the best of both worlds: we are old enough to remember how to effectively communicate face to face, but young enough to see the implementation of social media and know how to use it. We are not too old to understand how the younger people think, and are not too young to know how life was before way things are today.

Life, Ambition and Graduation

Graduation. This has been a word that I have been striving for the past 12 years. After getting lost on the way to class one day and ending up in the Navy, I have had the solid goal of completing my undergraduate degree. The fact that I am 50 days away from completing it leads me to wonder what life is going to be like with after reaching this goal. The way that I run my life is to learn anything and everything; I was asked three times today while at my internship, “Travis, is there anything that you don’t know how to do?” I take pride that I can make things happen; give me any task and it will be done.

I live my life that the only thing that is stopping me from doing something is myself. I have ran my life that way since I was 15, and I have found success at every corner. I have big dreams and goals, and feel like life isn’t long enough to do everything that I want. If I had my way, I would like to be in marketing, PR, a firefighter, police officer, DEA agent, pilot, standup comedian, politician, engineer and the list goes on and on. If I was lucky enough again to have the G.I. Bill for a second time and get an advanced degree, I would. I simply can’t get enough of learning and trying new things.

Life after graduation is going to be amazing, I can already feel it. I always found it a little tacky when people to tell their children, “the world is your oyster, you can be anything you want to be,” but now that I am in that position, I tend to agree with it. I have always dreamed of being in the public relations field, and doing my internship at i.d.e.a. (formerly BaileyGardiner) has given me that opportunity. Simply adding their name onto my LinkedIn has sparked hundreds of random marketers and journalists to view my page and add me on Twitter. I feel that I have been given a chance of a lifetime interning there, and have been trying as hard as I can to get the most out of it. My friends think I’m crazy because where we are only required to do 120 hours for our internship, I will be doing close to 600. I know this is the career I want to be in, so it would be stupid of me to not learn as much as I can while I am there.

Being a generally relaxing and friendly person, people always ask me if there is anything that upsets me. I was just asked this the other day and didn’t know how to answer, because besides the obvious answer of bad drivers and rude people, I didn’t exactly know what to say. While I was thinking about it, I had noticed a friend that had graduated college last year but wasn’t really applying himself to finding a good job, and it was making me frustrated. That was when I found out that not applying yourself and not doing things to the best of your ability was what made me upset. I couldn’t bring myself to get out bed in the morning if I knew I was just living for the sake of living, and not bettering myself somehow. I am very project based and love problem solving; it keeps me on my toes and continually challenges me.

One of my friends is leaving to be with his wife and children while she is stationed in Japan, and told me that we would meet up in three years when he got back. That really put things into perspective for me, that I have NO idea where I will be in three years. San Diego? New York? San Francisco? Montana? Anything is possible now, because the world is at my fingertips.