Last Day of Movember

Today is the last day of Movember, and though I enjoyed growing the facial hair of a long-haul trucker, the time has come for it to end.

We have an official Movember team, and are trying to raise money in awareness of prostate cancer. Even if you don’t have money to donate, please like and share our video; after enough shares, eventually one person will donate šŸ™‚

Or donate to my personal Mo-space:Ā



Snow White and the Huntsman Spoof

What happens when you give a creative agency power to create? A full on themed play of a Snow White and the Huntsman spoof to be debuted at our Holiday Party, of course. Check out the invite we sent out to the company, showcasing the parts that people were selected for; buzz marketing is even possible within your own company! This was a video I edited – try to forgive the others on their focusing ability.Ā 


Just another reason to love working with a San Diego creative communications agency šŸ™‚

Movember Special

Another year, another Movember – here’s to raising awareness! As I get older I find that I love giving back more and more every year, and what better way to give back than by growing a dirty upper lip and raising money toward prostate cancer.

Here is our week one, day one picture:


Oh, and to follow up to my last post, I couldn’t go a week without a phone, I ended up just holding on to it until I bought the iPhone 5.

Using a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 on a Canon

I absolutely love the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8; it is probably one of the best sub-$300 lens I have ever used. When I made the jump to Canon, I was sad that I couldn’t use it anymore, until I found an adapter to use it on the new camera.

I just wanted to play around a bit with it today, so I made this quick video. I think it looks great!

The Power of Philanthropy

Giving back has to be one of the most rewarding things I have been able to do in my life. I feel very lucky for all that I have accomplished over the years, and I attribute a lot of it to others being there for me along the way. Because of people like this, it makes me want to try harder to help out others on their journey throughout life as well.

No one can ever make it through their life without the assistance of others, and now that I am in my current position, I want to be the person that is helping others to exceed as well. A lot of people that I know don’t want to give back because they think it will cost too much; philanthropy can be more than giving someone something, it can be as simple as an attitude change.

One of the downsides of the military is that life is tough, and a lot of people get treated poorly as they come up through the ranks. When people get to the management , they tend to treat others the way that they were treated along the way. One of the things I told myself that I would never do when I got to a management level is to treat people poorly, but that I would be the buffer zone and try to break the stigma of bad behavior. I see my willingness to treat them better as a way of giving back to them, for the great work that they do for me. This has allowed me to excel at my job, not only in the military, but in my civilian life as well.

Philanthropy can be in form of other things as well. For instance, I created a little goodie-bag full of granola bars, chapstick and hygiene items. I also wrote a note in it, saying “keep your head up, people care about you.” I handed it off to the homeless man in the wheelchair along my drive home, the look on his face gave a real sense of satisfaction, and I know I made a difference in his day.

All it takes is a moment of your time, and you will make a difference in someones life, and they will remember it forever.

Video Challenge

Like most students, I don’t have a large yearly cash flow, it is actually quite menial. Being that I don’t have a huge disposableĀ income, it makes it difficult to buy expensive video equipment. I improvise by shooting videos on my iPhone and editing using the iMovie app; where the quality may not be on par with a DSLR, you can still see my ability to create great shots and tell a story.

Being the motivated person that I am, I drove to Los Angeles to a professional studio to use professional equipment. This is what I created in six hours, including a full script and creative outline for a “secret” project (hint, the future of advertising):

Drive and Passion

One thing that has always been on my mind is if greatness is achieved by what one does, or is it simply who you are. My time at the University of San Diego has been very fulfilling; I have gotten involved in every club, professional event and business related venture I could get my hands on. When I explain to people my involvements around campus, including an internship and time in the Navy Reserves, they like to say, “I’m sure the Navy had a great part in shaping who you are, making you a overly motivated person.” This has always lead me to wonder, was it the Navy or was I always this way?

My time in the Navy was an eye opener for me; I was able to see what I could and couldn’t handle. Was this enough to drive me to become a better person and take on more responsibilities than before? I don’t think so. While I was in high school, I was involved in just as many things as I am today, joining several leadership clubs geared toward helping underclassmen. When I first joined the Navy, I was stationed in Japan and had never really been out of the country; this was initially difficult for me because of my small town upbringing, and the fact that I had not traveled much outside a 30 mile radius. After the initial culture shock, I soon realized that there was even more of the world outside of Japan, and I wanted to see it. Was this curiosity sparked because I was ignorant, or because I was curious to seek out more?

I believe that at a certain age people decide to be curious about life, to find and create something better than what they have been dealt, or to remain stagnant. Is this something than can be taught? Possibly. Is it something that is learned through experience? I believe so. Every one shapes their experiences, and while some are born with a curious mind, others create it. As long as you maintain that curiosity and drive, others will see it, and it will be your own willingness to learn more that will make you a better person and make others question how it is that you are so driven.